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S$ 399

*Before GST


Smoker Lung Screening

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in Singapore. 

Most of the time, patients with lung cancer do not have any symptoms until they have reached advanced cancer stages. This is why we recommend this screening to smokers.


The only proven way to detect signs of lung cancer early is through CT scan before there are any symptoms in people at high risk.


Who should get the low-dose CT scan lung cancer screening?

People at increased risk for lung cancer, such as current and former smokers in all age groups,  people with strong family history of lung cancer, and people with asbestos exposure, may also benefit.


A low-dose screening chest CT without intravenous contrast will be performed. 

During the exam, you just lie flat on your back. Then the table will move inside the scanner and finish in few minutes without any pain. 


HSIG’s smoker screening program will help you to detect lung cancer at an early stage when it is still treatable.  

Early detection may save your life.   Please contact us now to make an appointment. 

CT lung screen  S$399


Lung tumor is clearly seen in CT scan. 

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