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MRI Scan In Singapore

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a diagnostic system using powerful magnetic fields and radio frequency pulses to produce detailed pictures of organs and other internal body structures. MRI has no radiation. MRI produces high-resolution images of the inside of the body that help diagnose a variety of problems.

Some of the advantages of MRI are:

  • Earlier detection of disease or injury, making earlier treatment possible

  • No exposure to X-rays or radioactive substances

  • It is painless, accurate, quick and safe

  • Takes about 15 to 30 minutes per session

  • No known side effects

MRI scan price starts from S$386 Nett (inclusive of GST).

Please consult our doctor during your appointment to understand which MRI scan plan is most suitable for your needs.

MRI scans we provide include but not limited to the following:

MRI Brain, MRA Head- Circle Of Willis, MRI Spine, MRI Joint, MRI Breast, MRI Abdomen, MRI Pelvis, MRI Heart, MRA Coronary Arteries, MRI Myocardial Perfusion Imaging, MRI Upper Limb, MRI Lower Limb, MRA Aortogram, MRA Renal Arteries, MRA Carotid, MRI Stroke Screen, MRI Headache Screen and etc.

For reassessment of MRI scans, bring your previous CD and report.

Magnetom Altea


First in ASEAN,

The scan acquisition time can be reduced by one third with superior image quality.

With our latest MRI scan technology, the remarkable and unforgettable experience is yours!

Call us now to book an MRI Scan at Somerset Imaging Centre.

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