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blood tests and urine tests

Laboratory Urine & Blood Tests in Singapore

Blood and urine tests are definitely an essential part of evaluation of patient where we assess the cholesterol, glucose, HBA1C, kidney and liver function, heart profile, complete blood count, STD screen, thyroid study, anaemia profile, tumour markers, hormones, bone and joint profiles, hepatitis viral profile and urinalysis. 

The general lab tests will include cholesterol and diabetes screening; kidney and liver assessment; cancer and heart markers evaluation as well as urine analysis. 

List of available blood tests: 

  • Haematology Profile 

  • Lipid Panel

  • Heart Profile 

  • Liver Panel

  • Renal Panel

  • Hepatitis Viral Profile

  • Bone/Joint Function

  • Diabetic Screen

  • STD Screen

  • Thyroid Study

  • Anaemia Profile

  • Hormonal Profile

  • Tumour Markers

Urine Analysis

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